Using Coffee Grounds for Gardening

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Coffee Grounds For Gardening

Coffee grounds are very helpful for gardening, because they can serve as a slow release fertilizer. Some of the nutrients present in the ground are available straight away, while the others are available over a long period of time. On average, coffee grounds contain about 2.28 % nitrogen, 0.06 % phosphorous and 0.6% potassium, as well as some magnesium and copper. This is one of the main reasons why you should make coffee grounds available to your plants.

The Advantages

Coffee grounds offer numerous advantages to gardeners who wish to grow healthy, strong plants. First of all, coffee grounds can serve as a good soil amendment. As mentioned above, a soil ground is packed with nutrients for your plants.

A coffee ground thus serves as a slow release fertilizer and provides your plants with all the necessary nutrients and elements. This make coffee grounds a perfect lawn fertilizer. For the best effect, apply it every month or two.

Another advantage is that coffee grounds can be used both for acid loving plants and the non-acid loving plants. All you need to do is to compost coffee grounds first, and then dig in.

In addition to this, coffee grounds serve as a great, natural slug repellent. Also, coffee grounds attract earth worms who like to eat them, which leads to worm castings. Worm castings are excellent soil amendment, making your garden soil even better.

An additional advantage is that fertilizing with coffee makes your yard pleasantly scented (unlike manure). At the same time, cats don't like the smell of coffee, which will make your cat avoid the plants with coffee ground and won't use them as a litter box.

Collecting and Using

Instead of feeding your plants, coffee grounds allow you to feed the soil, which in turn feeds your plants. This will bring excellent results and it's also environmentally-friendly. By doing this, you are recycling part of your trash.

For the best effect, you will need large quantities of coffee grounds, so make sure to keep all of the coffee grounds you collect at home. You can also ask some commercial chains (such as Starbucks) to give coffee grounds to you. Chances are that they will be more than happy to get rid of it so you will be able to get them for free. Also, many local shops are willing to save grounds and give them to you. Just provide a bin for them to use and they will likely be happy to give the grounds to you. Ask your friends and co-workers to save and collect coffee grounds. Before you know it, you will have enough coffee grounds to start!

To use coffee grounds effectively, all you need to do is to dig it up in the soil or use it around plants. It will serve as a great soil amendment and a slow release fertilizer, making your plants thrive.

Photo credit: Christopher Paquette

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