Black Elephant Ear Colocasia Varieties

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Black Elephant Ear Colocasia Varieties

Black Elephant Ear Plants (Colocasias) are very striking tropical plants you can grow in your garden or as a potted plant in your home. Known for their giant, dark leaves, these plants can add some amazing tropical atmosphere to your home.

If you wish to grow Black Elephant Ear keep in mind that you can choose between different varieties. There are many popular varieties of Colocasias you can get at local garden centers, nurseries or online.

The most common varieties include: Colocasia "Coffee Cups", Colocasia esculenta "Coal Miner", Colocasia "Blackwater, Colocasia esculenta "Big Dipper", Colocasia esculenta "Rhubarb", Colocasia esculenta "Lemonade", Colocasia esculenta "Black Runner", Colocasia esculenta "Ruffles", Colocasia esculenta "Diamond Head", Colocasia esculenta "Kona Coffee", Colocasia Bikini Tini, Colocasia esculenta "Elena", Colocasia esculenta "Lime Aide", Colocasia esculenta "Jack"s Giant", Colocasia esculenta "Nancy"s Revenge", Colocasia esculenta "Hilo Bay", Colocasia esculenta "Hawaiian Eye" and Colocasia esculenta "Pineapple Princess".

Here are the most popular varieties of Black Elephant Ear plants that you can grow:

Colocasia Black Coral

This variety has glossy, jet-black leaves with heavy corrugation and electric blue veins. It can reach the height of 48 inches when it's mature. It has very interesting foliage and stems and is very disease-resistant variety.

Colocasia Bikini Tini

This variety can be grown in full sun or shade. It has very strong stems, with bluish-gray leaves. The leaves form cups and have dark purple veins and petioles. This variety can reach the height of 5 to 7 feet. Once you establish it, this variety can be very tolerant to drought. You can overwinter tubers in the gardens USDA zone 6 so keep this in mind if you wish to grow this variety outdoors.

Colocasia Blue Hawaii

This variety is ideal for small gardens. It has medium green leaves that are 12 inches long. The leaves have striking purple veins. The back of the leaves have cranberry veins instead of purple ones.

Colocasia Illustris

This is a sister plant to Black Elephant Ear plant. It combines purple leaves with bright green ones. The leaves stand 4 feet in size and create a striking color combination. Make sure to grow this plant in partial shade. Ideal locations for this plant are shallow edges of water in a pond or pool. This variety will do great in moist locations.

Colocasia Black Beauty

This is a very striking variety that can reach a height of 4 feet. This is a very interesting mutation of Colocasia Illustris. It has more intense black leaves with some green veins removed.

Colocasia Esculenta

Also known as Colocasia Mojito, this variety has medium green leaves that can reach 3 feet. The leaves have dark purple flecks. This variety is a perfect choice for a combo planting with Black Magic plants. It also grows well on decks during the summer.

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