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Many gardeners are familiar with compost. There are also many people who choose to make their own compost heaps. Compost can add great value to leaves so this is one important use for old leaves in your garden.

Compost is more difficult to make than mulch but it is very beneficial. If you want to make your garden plants thrive, consider making your own compost. This does require some time but not as much as you may think. With a bit of effort, you can have your compost in about 12 to 15 days.

Reuse Garden Refuse

Leaves are just one thing that might appear in your garden during the fall. There are many other organic materials you might wish to get rid of. Making your own compost is a great way to reuse your garden refuse. Turning it into compost will be greatly beneficial for your garden plants and your garden as a whole.

To make compost, you need organic matter first. Leaves are one component, but you should get more. Clean your garden and flower beds. Pull all dried and frozen plants. Rake the planting area clean and collect the remaining organic matter.

Making the Compost

Collect all this organic matter on a pile. It is best to use a compost bin but some people work with piles. Make sure to add bushes of leaves to the mix. You may also add some bushels of aged cow manure. This is very beneficial for the creation of compost but some people want to stay away from it. While it doesn't give the most pleasant smell, it sure contains plenty of nutrients your plants need. So, add manure and don't worry about the smell.

Mix the compost pile well. You should shred the materials to mix them together evenly. You can use a rotary mower to shred the materials. Once the organic matter and cow manure are shredded, pile them all in a heap. Alternatively, place them all in a compost bin.

In order for your compost to be ready, you need to water it well. The center of the pile should be hot to the touch within three days. Once this happens, turn the heap over completely using a garden fork. Water down again.

You should do this two or three more times at 3 day intervals. After this, allow the pile to rest until it cools off. After the pile has cooled off, your compost is ready to use.

Compost is Ready

Compost is dark material rich in nutrients. Once you prepare it by following the above instructions, you can use them on your plants. Take from the pile and place at least 2 inches of compost under your plants such as trees, shrubs, roses, grape vines, berry plants and other perennials.

Compost is great for adding nutrients to your plants and improving their growth. All of this can be achieved by simply collecting the organic matter in your garden. This is a great way to improve the fertility of your garden soil to make your plants happy!

Photo credit: Bryan Alexander

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