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If you wish to do gardening in Florida, it is important to know which plants can grow in Florida's climate. This is why it's so crucial to learn about USDA hardiness zones in Florida. Since Florida is very diverse in terms of climate and temperatures, there are many different hardiness zones across the state, and you need to know which one applies to your specific area.

In order to learn which hardiness zone applies to you, make sure to locate where you live on the Florida planting zone map. You should match the color of that area to the Florida USDA hardiness zone map to see the most appropriate hardiness zone for your area.

Keep in mind that you should always use the most recent and relevant USDA hardiness zone map. Due to climate changes, these things shift and change, so hardiness zones may change compared to how they were a few decades ago.

Always plant flowers, vegetables, fruits, trees and other plants in your garden that are appropriate to your specific Florida USDA hardiness zone. This will ensure successful gardening and it will help your plants survive.

Once you know your specific Florida hardiness zone, it is not difficult to find plants that will thrive in your area. This information can be easily found in nurseries and as part of basic info about a plant. Keep in mind that you can grow any plant in your zone or a bit warmer inside of your garden. However, if you want to grow a plant that is in a hardiness zone that is colder than yours, you will need to provide extra protection to your plants or bring them inside during the winter.


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